faqsHow and when will I be paid?

We will write you a check after we receive the cartridges and they pass initial inspection. Please refer to the “Terms of Purchase” agreement for more details on payment.

What is an OEM cartridge?

OEM is an acronym for “original equipment manufacturer”. These items have not been remanufactured.

Do I need to use my own boxes or labels to send products designated for recycling?

No, TonerRecycle.Net will send you boxes in quantities of 1, 3, or 5 with a prepaid label to recycle materials with us. Special pickups and deliveries are made upon request. Request your boxes now.

Do I need to pay for my shipping?

TonerRecycle.Net provides each delivery with a prepaid label for easy shipping. All you need to do is drop off package with a UPS driver or at a UPS drop off location.

Do you have different programs for businesses?

Yes, please contact us to find out special programs for pickups and drop offs of recyclable materials.

Do you take items other than those listed on your Price List?

No, we do not accept any items not included on the TonerRecycle.Net Price List.

Do I need to submit any additional information with my items in order to receive payment?

No, part of the qualification process will be to receive enough information for payment. All information is embedded within the label attached to the 20x20x20 boxes sent out.

Does UPS pick up my cartridges for free?

If you have regular UPS pick up and drop off service at your location, then you just ask the UPS driver to take the package along with the other pickups during their scheduled visit. However, if you do not have regular UPS service, you may drop off your boxes/bins at any authorized UPS drop off location.

Can I use a carrier other than UPS?

Unless otherwise agreed upon or instructed to do so, you may use another carrier only at your expense.