How We Help The Environment


The TonerRecycle.Net staff puts an incredible amount of pride in the research time spent determining best ways to recycle your unwanted product. This effort has led us to become one of the only true end of life solution options that effectively and responsibly recycles imaging components such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and printer fusers.

Remanufacturing a cartridge avoids the carbon debt taken from the original manufacture in addition to the oil used to create the plastic molding. Manufacturing a new toner cartridge emits about 4.8 Kg of carbon dioxide.

No incineration to energy facilities, where toxic matter is released into the environment.
No exportation to non OECD countries where workers are exposed to toxic metals.
No landfill where they take over 1000 years to decompose.

Through our partnerships, the items that cannot be remanufactured are properly recycled and used as aftermarket products. This combination ensures that we take all necessary steps to responsibly reuse and recycle all products sent in.