Terms of Purchase


  • Orders are shipped F. O. B. Destination. Contract terms may vary.
  • Title to goods sold passes to the Buyer ten (10) days following receipt of product from the carrier.
  • Shipments from vendors in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico will be invoiced a freight and handling surcharge.
  • Orders with a combined invoice total less than $2 are subject to a $2 minimum handling charge.
  • Deliveries will be inspected for damage and total piece count upon arrival. Failure to package in accordance with “Packaging Instructions” may result in denial of credit.
  • Please note: UPS charges a $10.00 fee for unscheduled pick up requests, even if you are a UPS customer. Buyer is not responsible for this fee, nor will we reimburse or waive it.

Seller Order Forms

None of the provisions of a vendor sales order or any acknowledgement thereof (whether printed, stamped, typed or written), except those specifying the quantity and the products ordered, invoice information and shipping instructions, will be considered applicable to the customer’s purchases. No modification of the Terms and Conditions of Sale, including any different or additional terms contained in any purchase order, acknowledgment form or other written document, will be binding unless specifically accepted in writing and signed on behalf of an authorized representative.

Customer Contracts

Prices in this catalog apply in the absence of a customer contract. Customer is responsible to be aware of products under contract and the corresponding effective dates of those contracts. If a contract expires, pricing will revert, if applicable, to other existing contracts. If no other contracts are eligible to customer, pricing will revert to catalog price.

If contract expires, Buyer at its discretion may:

  • Offer a temporary extension for a limited period of time.
  •  Increase prices during extension.
  • End any applicable rebate programs

Invoice Payments & Payment Terms

  • Unless otherwise stated, payment terms are net 30 days from invoice date.


All cartridges must have originated (first sold) in the USA & are being returned to the USA and Seller personally and corporately indemnifies Buyer and its agents of any and all liability related to said cartridges.