The Toner Recycle Story


Founded in 2007, TonerRecycle.Net was developed as an effort to reduce the amount of environmental impact that toner cartridges cause when placed in landfill sites.

“60 – 80% of used toner cartridges go directly to landfill sites”

We strived to become the leader in recycling of imaging supplies, while researching ways to best create an end of life solution.

Reduce × Reuse × Recover

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the imaging industry, thus have been very active in searching for the most responsible way to recycle all items we collect. We use the simple Reduce / Reuse / Recover method in our strategies.

Reducing the amount of print has been incorporated in many firms’ sustainability efforts, and should be at the forefront of the objectives of all individuals. We encourage everyone to consider the environment when printing unnecessary documents.

By partnering with remanufacturing firms, we can encompass the reuse aspect of recycling. Products can easily be made into aftermarket consumables through the remanufacture process.

We have found a solution that reclaims the collected items into commodity markets for recovery, which prevents items being disposed in the landfill, incineration/waste to energy, and exported.

We challenge you to find another recycler that disposes of their imaging materials in a way other than those listed!

TonerRecycle.Net supports over 45,000 registered users that have recycled an average of over 250,000 cartridges each year. Thanks to these efforts of consumers like you, together we’ve prevented approximately 250 tons of waste annually from heading to the landfill. Additionally, we have added more streams of materials to help our users responsibly recycle more products. We are constantly looking to improve this program and are optimistic about the future of recycling a much broader range of products that reach far beyond imaging supplies!